Pueblos encantadores,
de cultura centenaria
en un entorno natural majestuoso.

Photo by  Jiyan Kawa

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El Berguedà

Berga, covering an area of ​​22.54 km2 in its municipal term, serves as the capital of Berguedà and is located in the heart of the region. It represents the economic, social, and communication convergence point, often considered its synthesis. The original municipal term is identified with the parish term of Sta. Eulalia, to which La Valldan was annexed in 1963.


Berguedà is situated in the interior of Catalonia and shares both the elevated reliefs of the Pre-Pyrenees and the Pyrenees, as well as the flat reliefs of the northern Central Depression. The climate is Mediterranean with a slight continental tendency. The enhancement of the Llobregat axis with the opening of the Cadí Tunnel and the widespread improvement of accessing roads have enhanced the economic and touristic prospects of Berguedà. Agriculture, livestock, and forest utilization serve as complementary activities.

Just a 15-minute drive away, discover the splendor of the Sanctuary of Queralt, while the exciting La Molina ski resort awaits you 45 minutes away.


Via Verde: Cal Rosal – Pedret
A beautiful route suitable for hiking or mountain biking. This stretch from Cal Rosal to Pedret and vice versa is perfect for all audiences, offering a flat route of about 10 km where you’ll always be alongside the Llobregat River, ensuring you never cease to hear the soothing sound of water. It’s a relaxing route allowing you to be captivated by the natural surroundings. Upon reaching Pedret, you can admire the majestic Romanesque bridge and visit the Romanesque church of Sant Quirze de Pedret.



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Santa María de Queralt Sanctuary

The panorama offered from Queralt is fascinating, captivating with its beauty and variety. A rugged massif closes off the lowlands, rising almost vertically above the city of Berga. The views from the summit are unparalleled.


The Sanctuary is located atop the Sierra de Queralt, standing at an elevation of 1200 meters. Due to its unique location, it has been called the ‘balcony of Catalonia.’ The vastness of its landscape and the sensations it evokes justify the ascent to Queralt. The current site of the sanctuary is believed to be the space once occupied by the castle of Guillem de Berguedà.


The Queralt ensemble includes the Sanctuary, home to the image of the Virgin of Queralt, and a notable adjoining building that once housed the sanctuary’s hospice, now hosting a bar-restaurant and the inclined elevator station accessing from the parking lots. The Cave Church, where, according to legend, the image of the Virgin was found, should also be considered part of the Sanctuary.


The bar service operates from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., except on Mondays. For inquiries, you can contact them at 93 821 38 28.

Very close to here…


The mythical Pedraforca

Explore the iconic Pedraforca, an emblematic mountain in the Berguedà region. With its characteristic twin peaks, Pedraforca offers hiking routes for all levels, providing unforgettable panoramic views.


Vall de Castellar

Surrounded by lush landscapes and crossed by the Llobregat River, this picturesque valley offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature. Enjoy serene walks along its trails, discover picturesque corners, and be captivated by the serenity that this corner of Berguedà offers.


Gironella del Llobregat

A town that combines tradition and natural beauty. Surrounded by mountains and crossed by the Llobregat River, Gironella invites you to explore its cobbled streets, where historical legacy intertwines with modern life. Contemplate traditional Catalan architecture, immerse yourself in the lively local life, and enjoy stunning views of the surroundings.


San Pere de la Portella

San Pere de la Portella, a charming corner in Berguedà. This picturesque village immerses you in a calm and peaceful atmosphere, where traditional Catalan architecture combines with the serenity of the natural environment. Stroll through its cobbled alleys, discover the Romanesque church of San Pere, and let the history and beauty of San Pere de la Portella captivate you.


Adou del Bastareny and Bullidor de llet de Baga

Adou del Bastareny, a magical spot in the heart of Gisclareny, invites you to experience serenity and nature at its best. Very close to this charming spot is Bullidor de la Llet de Baga, a natural spring that emanates fresh and pure water, symbolizing the essence of mountain life.

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Tourism Sustainability:


Hotel Berga Park, affiliated with the Biosphere certification and committed to sustainability, values the enjoyment of the surrounding environment by all our visitors while respecting and being responsible for the natural environment of Berguedà. That’s why we encourage you to join our sustainable practices:


  • When exploring the mountains or nature in general, we often generate waste. If there are no trash bins nearby, it’s essential to manage our waste. Carry your waste until you find a disposal point or take it home. You can also leave it at our establishment, and we will ensure proper disposal. For example, tissues have a significant visual impact when hiking in the mountains. Please, do not litter!


  • In Berguedà, as many may know, is a region dedicated to livestock. When you come across a fence in the forests that you must pass through, open it and close it immediately to prevent livestock from escaping. It’s VERY IMPORTANT not to approach herds, especially if there are calves, as mothers protect them vigorously. If you bring pets, keep them leashed when there is livestock nearby.


  • Flora and fauna: When in the mountains, observing the flora and fauna is enjoyable. Therefore, silence is crucial for the animals living there. Avoid raising your voice when in the forest. When picking plants and flowers, be careful, as some are poisonous or extremely protected. Admire them without uprooting them. Our region stands out during the mushroom season. Before going mushroom hunting, inform yourself about which ones are edible. Please, don’t pick or crush non-edible mushrooms, as they are part of the native flora.


  • Invasive species: Berguedà has some invasive species you should be aware of:
    • In the Baells reservoir: The zebra mussel is present. If you plan to swim, wear footwear used exclusively for this location. After returning home, clean the soles thoroughly. NEVER use this footwear in other places (rivers, streams) without cleaning if it has been in the Baells reservoir.
    • In the Merlès stream: There is an invasive crayfish (American crayfish) carrying a fungus that causes the native crayfish to die. The Camadoca Flora and Fauna Center has been controlling this invasive species in the stream over the years. Please, do not take any native or invasive species. Footwear and other items used in the stream must be DISINFECTED.


  • In our Berguedà region, we have a diverse heritage that we enjoy and want visitors to enjoy as well. Therefore, NEVER take any piece of cultural, geological, or animal value. Heritage belongs to everyone, and it is everyone’s duty to preserve it.


  • When strolling through open spaces like public areas (streets, squares, parks), it’s important to respect social norms and exhibit good behavior. In our region, town, or city, it is considered polite to wear shirts or blouses in public spaces. When visiting cultural or gastronomic places, dress appropriately in public spaces.


Tel (+34) 93 821 66 66


Hotel Berga Park, Carretera de Solsona, 1, 08600 Berga, Barcelona