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In the environments of the Hotel Berga Park you can enjoy 4×4 routes, mountain biking, horses, quads, trekking, water sports, snow, paragliding, etc.. Lovers of culture will find, Romanesque, modernism, museums, charming villages, popular parties.


Berga has an area of 22.54 km2 with respect to their municipality. Berguedà is the capital and is located in the middle of the county. It represents the point of confluence economic, social and communications.


Berguedà is located in the interior of Catalonia and participates both relay Pre-Pyrenees and the Pyrenees as the reliefs of the plain north of the Central Depression. The climate is Mediterranean with a slight tendency mainland. The strengthening of the axis of the Llobregat with the opening of the Tunnel of Cadi and general improvement of access roads that have improved the outlook for economic activity and tourism Berguedà.  Agriculture, livestock and forestry activities are complementary.


The panorama is offered from Queralt is fascinating, captivating in their beauty and their variety. The views are incomparable that can be seen from the top.


The Sanctuary is located at the top of the Serra de Queralt. It located at an altitude of 1200 meters. Because of its unique location has been called the “balcony of Catalonia”. The breadth of its landscape and the feelings it causes up to justify Queralt. The place where today stands the temple belongs, it seems, in space that would have occupied the castle of William the Berguedà.


The set is made of Queralt sanctuary where the statue of the Virgen de Queralt remarkable annex building that housed the inn at the time of the Sanctuary where today there is a bar-restaurant and the station “inclined elevator that accesses from the car. We also considered part of the church sanctuary of the cave where, according to legend, was found the statue of the Virgin Mary.


Scenic route: Cal Rosal – Pedret

“A beautiful set up route that is ideal to hiking and riding with BTT. This section route that starts in Cal Rosal and goes to Pedret, and vice versa, it’s appropriate for all public segments; a flat route which has 10km long, and where you will walk all the time next to the Llobregat river, it means that you will hear the water song all the time. A relaxing route, where you can let captivate for the amazing natural environment. Arriving to Pedret you could see the majestic Romanesque bridge and you could also visit the Romanesque church named Sant Quirze de Pedret”.