Welcome to Hotel Berga Park,

First of all, we would like to welcome you to our establishment and, secondly, we invite you to enjoy our region where we are located that is Berguedà. Hotel Berga Park adheres to the distinctive Biosphere and committed to sustainability, we like that all our visiting customers can enjoy the environment while respecting and being responsible with the natural environment of the region, which is why we encourage you to add Go to our sustainable policies:


  1. When we go to the mountain or nature in general, surely we generate waste. It is important that if there are no wastepaper bins nearby, we manage our waste, that is, we will take the waste we carry and we will carry them up to find a waste collection point or take them home or even we can deliver to our establishment where we will do the right management. For example, paper handkerchiefs have a great visual impact when we are walking around the mountain and / or nature. DO NOT throw them away!
  2. In the Berguedà, as surely many will know, it is a region for livestock farming, when you do some activity in the woods and you find a spin and you have to go there if or not, open it and close it immediately for such that the cattle do not escape. It is VERY IMPORTANT that no one approaches the herds, especially if there are calves, mothers protect them with as much energy as possible. If you also carry your pets, bring them tied when you have cattle close.
  3. Flora and fauna: when we go to the mountain we like to observe the flora and fauna that inhabits it. That is why silence is very important for the animals that live there, when going through the woods, avoid raising the voice. When harvesting plants and / or flowers, take into account that some are very poisonous or extremely protected, admire them without taking them. Our region stands out during the mushroom season, it is very important that before looking for and harvesting the mushrooms, inform yourself which are foods and which ones are not and those that are not, do not bake them or crush them, think that They are part of the autochthonous flora.
  4. Invasive species: in Berguedà we have some invasive species that we must know:

– In the Baells reservoir: we find the zebra mussel. If you are going to bathe it is necessary to wear a footwear that will be used only and exclusively for this place, when finished when we arrive at home it is necessary to clean the soles well. NEVER use this footwear that has been inside the Baells swamp without cleaning to swim in another place (river, stream …)

– In the Merlès stream: there is an invading crab (American crab). This crab carries a fungus that causes the native crab signal to die. Throughout the years the centre of Flora and Fauna of Camadoca has been controlling this invasive species in the stream thanks to many children, volunteers in a few days of catching controlled crabs. Please, do not catch any autochthonous or invasive species. You must disinfect the footwear and other utensils that you have used in the stream




  1.  In our region of Berguedà, we have a very varied heritage that we enjoy and we love that visitors also enjoy. Never throw any piece of cultural, geological or animal value. The heritage is of all and the duty to preserve it as well.



  1.  When we walk through open spaces such as public spaces (streets, squares, parks …) we must respect their social patterns and have good behaviour. In our region, town or city, it is education to wear t-shirts, shirts, etc. During visits to cultural, gastronomic … If you are in a public space, dress appropriately.